Hazy Daze iNtRo

It’s funny how drugs can become such a lifestyle. Like we’ve all seen the image of the homeless junkie but it’s not always that simple. Nah, see, in the drug world there is no upper class or lower class. Whether you’re a ceo, a cop, or just a random human such as myself… the high does not discriminate, neither does the addiction.

Since the discovery that substances could alter the mind,body, and soul…they have been sought out, used, and abused for that exact purpose.

With drugs… there’s always strings attached… kind of like a horror movie… In the beginning every one is having fun… partying and laughing… sometimes you get to see a boob or two… but then people start dying. When it ends, only a couple manage to escape.

It didn’t really phase me all that much, my mistakes made me feel a lot of guilt… but the severity of it all didn’t grab hold… until one of us died.

When we were kids people weren’t dying every other day from overdoses. Opiates wouldn’t really become popular for a few more years. Typically… we started out with shwag… some dirt ass weed, with stems and seeds, just how grandpa used to smoke it, back in the day. Kids these days don’t know nothing about some shwag.

We would jump in someone’s car and head down to the hood, pull up to the corner, grab two 5’s and be all set. Sometimes the weed was even sprayed with Lysol, it used to give me the worst headache. If you bought more than $20 worth, you’d always get skimped.

90% of the time that someone is involved in a drug transaction they will be ripped off, wether it’s cut, skimpy, or a bag of some oregano. That’s real life statistics… that I just made up all by myself. But seriously drugs, and money make everybody and nobody a friend, it’s a shady world. As I begin this journey through my life… I reopen closed doors… sharing funny… scary… real shit. My stories of growing up hazy.

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