Spiritual Path

For the the longest time I have wanted to write about religion and spirituality, literally since I was a kid. When I started to accept this ability to communicate with spirit, or whatever it is… I went from being very confused, to thinking I had a better understanding of it all. I made attempts to write about spiritual subjects and my beliefs, only to be left feeling like I was ostracizing one group or another.

As I kid, I was always very spiritual. Raised Catholic, I felt drawn to the ceremonious traditions, not so much the strict, demeaning aspects. One day the priest was talking, and he spoke about how God doesn’t need us to stand on the side of the road with signs, or go door to door, spreading the word of God.

That really stuck with me, and I have continuously pondered… how to teach, without being preachy… even more, hypocritical.

If you were to meet me, to sit down and have a drink with me, you would not guess that I am someone who prays several times a day, or that I communicate with my Spirit Guides. As we all are, at one point or another, I’m kind of at this stage were I am questioning, and reevaluating my beliefs, who I am, and where I am going. I have this ability, and as hokey as it sounds to many… I am a holy person.

And I’m learning it’s not my job to tell someone not to be racist, it’s my job to love, and accept all people. It’s not my job to tell someone to believe in God it’s my job to believe the best that I can.

What I do know for sure… Spirituality… and becoming a more spiritual being, is not something that we can just google. There is no definitive answer, no “right way”. There’s no need for any particular book, deck of cards, akashic records, or laws of attraction. All that is required, is a whole lot of self reflection.

It has become quite the trend to speak of positive vibes… and though I do believe that the world definitely needs more positivity… the spiritual path is anything but a smooth ride. That’s because, before we can become more spiritual beings… we must first shed so many layers. Exposing life traumas, things about ourselves that we learned not to see.

When we learn to accept these experiences, and let them go… we become more open… and even see how they were an important part of our journey.

I can’t speak for anyone but me… but I can share my experiences as a Medium. Only offering guidance, from the many mistakes I have made, and information given to me by my guides. The magic of the spiritual world is not flashy like booming fireworks in the sky, it won’t slap you in the face… it’s more like a whisper, or a flash of refracted light. The subtle things that have always been right there. So in essence… it’s kinda of like… learning to pay attention.

My goal, what drives me is… to use what I have learned, to be more than a fortune teller, carnival sideshow… to help people to discover their selves… and sort through this mass confusion of distorted information that’s out there.

There are no special skills to obtain… the only tools that you need, are the ones that you were born with. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. It’s not meant to be easy, or positive all the time. We are not meant to know all the answers.

Throughout your spiritual path your beliefs will change, many times. It’s important to be open to different perspectives, at the same time, anyone that tells you what is right to believe, is dead wrong. If something doesn’t feel right to you, then it’s not for you. Take what you need and toss the rest.

I look forward to sharing the mayhem, and the joys that have brought me to the conclusion that everyone and nobody is right. Each and everyone of us has been given a piece of the puzzle… when we finally learn to put those pieces together… only then will we see the bigger picture.

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